Our Story and Passion for Healthier Skin

We are Cür. We exist to help people heal their skin naturally without the use of artificial ingredients, harsh chemicals, or unnecessary antibiotics.

We were shocked to learn many of the products we've used for years contained an abundance of toxins and chemicals. We wanted to help people like us...who've tried everything and searched everywhere... for products that prioritize health and youthfulness...naturally. Our search began... and we found remedies that actually work.

It all began in 2022, hand-making tallow in the kitchen for ourselves because we wanted to find out if there was a natural remedy to help heal our skin. We were was amazed by the results so we started giving samples to our family and friends. They too loved the healing remedies of our tallow balm … thus Cür was born.

We are here to help everyone transform the health of their skin and feel the healing effects of our Tallow Balm!